Multi-Specialist Anti-Spatter Agent


Multi-SpecialistAnti-Spatter Agent


Multi - functional anti - spatter agent is the third generation of Multi-purpose anti-spatteragent, 

which can be used for both welding and cutting.

It mainly decreases damage on surface of thework-piece caused by welding and cutting spatter, 

reduces and eliminates thefollow-up grinding work and saves labor costs. Expect for improving 

productionefficiency, it can greatly improve the product refinement as well as can reducethe virtual 

welding and leakage welding. In addition, it can also be used forpreventing block of welding nozzle, 

removing splashes from fixtures andpreventing rust. It integrates anti - spatter, anti - blocking, 

cleaning and anti -rust effect in one.


Safety and environment friendly, non toxic,odorless and non irritating

Passed the performance testing of SGS RoHS andCNAS

High concentration, high slag prevention rate(above 98%)

No blowhole, no affect to the welding seam

No affect to the subsequent processing, likeelectroplating and painting

Light and thin spraying will work, notrickling or leakage

Dual-use for welding and cutting, withrust-proof maintenance function

No alcoholic, higher flamming point, Noself ignition during welding

Long-lasting protection of 8-10 hours for eachspray

Single pass and multi-pass weldingsuitable, also useful in blockage prevention of welding nozzles

No special requirements on weldingequipments and procedures





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