Welding machines


Welding machines




1. Digital control circuit, independent microcomputer database, make precise control from input to output

2. One-knob control, only need to set the welding current, the welding voltage will automatically match with it precisely, can also adjust voltage finely, can work with all kinds of automaton

3. The welding parameter may initialize, memorize and load. There are 10 group parameters, which can memorize when initialization or welding. One group parameter is including: welding voltage, welding current, crater voltage, crater current, welding wire diameter, welding wire type and welding gas and so on

4. One machine with multi-functions can satisfy MAG/MIG and MMA welding (suitable for welding such metals as low carbon steel, stainless and aluminium.)

5. When input voltage range in +15%~-20%, it can work normally

Type: MIG-180 (II), SKR-350B, SKR-500B, SKR-350D, SKR-500D



1. Adopt international standard digital control IGBT inverter technology, used microprocessor to control accurately, stable arc by constant current characteristics

2. Control panel compact, soft contact key and digital display make easily to adjust, can memory ten group welding parameter, repeat welding parameter and effect

3. Hot start and arc force function, insure enough melting deepness, prevent welding rod cling base metal, control splash effectively

4. Have simple TIG welding function; Electric-proof, waterproof and moistureproof

5. When input voltage range in +15%~-20% can normal work

6. Suitable for all kinds of alkaline, acid welding rods in welding carbon steel, stainless steel. Apply to shipbuilding, metal, structure, machinery, pressure container, pipeline.


ZX7-400D (II), ZX7-500D (II),ZX7-400D,

ZX7-500D, ZX7-200H,