Magbesia Series Refractories


Magbesia Series Refractories

Magnesite Bricks

Normal magnesia brick takesnormal magnesia clinker as material: crushing, reasonable size composition,mixing, forming, burned under 1550-1600.High grade magnesia brick burned temperature is upto 1750, takes HMS98 clinkeras materials,
C/S ≥2.0,microscopic structure isreasonable, matrix is same C3S/C2S,
the refractroiness and RUL arehigh, bastic slag resintance is good. Main used for bastic open hearth, bottomof EAF are permanent lining of oxygen convertor.

Fused Magnesia Brick
Ittakes fused magnesite as main raw material, reasonable size composition, formedunder high pressure, burned in high temperature. It has very good property ofslag corrosion resistance and high-temperature volume stability. It is mainlyused for middle and upper of regenerator of glass furnace.


It takes good quality fusedmagnesite and fused MgO-Cr clinker as raw material, formed under high pressure,burned in high temperature. It has character of corrosion resistance. Mainusing for VOD, AOD, SKF, LF, RH etc. secondary refining furnace.

Periclase Spinel Brick

It takes good quality DBMand sintered mgo-al spinel clinker as material, reasonable size composition,formed under high pressure, burned in high temperature. It has goodhigh-temperature volume stability and TSR. It is used for transition zone oflarge and middle cement rotary kiln.

Magnesite Carbon Bricks

Magnesia carbon bricks is madefrom dead burned magnesia (electric fused magnesia) and carbon material(fullcrystal graphite) with the binder of resin.

As magnesite and carbon can notfused each other, it keeps their properties good. In addition, carbon hasbetter thermal conductivity, both high expansion and spring coefficients arelow. It can effectively resist of thermal spalling and slag corrosion. They arewidely used in steel electric arc, converter, ladle, torpedo, refined furnaceetc. Magnesice alumina bricks is made from Bauxite, electric fused magnesia andfused corundum. Low thermal conductivity , good insulation, they are widelyused in the cining & botton of ladde.

Magnesia Calcium Brick

It takes high quality MgO-CaOsynthetic as raw material MgO / CaO ratio is chosen according to differentrequirement, burned in high temperature, pitch or wax impregnated. Hightemperature property and slag resistance is very good, using for AOD, VOD andsecondary refiding furnace.